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The Institute for Vocational Training of the Styria Economic Chamber (WIFI Steiermark) is one out of 9 regional WIFI institutes with 15 branches in the province of Styria. The WIFI Steiermark is the market leader for vocational training at various levels and supports learners in promoting and advancing their careers. Every year, more than 40.000 customers come to the WIFI Styria and attend more than 3.000 courses, seminars and training programs. In total more than 800 trainers teach at 15 training facilities, the main site being located in Graz. The courses take place at various levels, starting with preparation courses for final apprenticeship examinations right up to Master of Science courses. Courses across various disciplines are intricately designed to enable the participants to remain competitive in a dynamic market environment or push their entrepreneurial spirit.
The WIFI Steiermark vocational education and training institute delivers courses for a broad spectrum of business fields such as Technology, IT, Languages and Business Management. The WIFI Steiermark with its recently launched Center of Excellence operates state-of-the art studios for various disciplines, but particularly for technical training, such as renewable energy technologies, welding or mechanics and car mechanics or also in the field of gastronomy and hospitaltiy. As market leader in Styria the WIFI Steiermark prides itself on keeping a finger on the pulse of industry innovations and transformations and offers unique courses in automation, programming, electrical engineering and digital transformation.
Our Micro-Credential offer:
We have not yet launched so called Micro Credentials but our current educational offer and programmes for many years already follow typical MC-principles such as modularity, stackability of single courses or modules to allow for flexible and more personalised education and career pathways. We are planning to further explore options to launch MCs in the near future. Below you can find some typical example from two selected course fields.

Bachelor professional, a new academic offer:


HR Courses and Programmes: