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The bfi Burgenland, with its eight locations, is one of the largest providers of vocational education and training in Austria. Experts from various professional fields work as trainers, preparing future specialists for their career entry and contributing to the lifelong learning of workers and employees through additional training.

The bfi boasts extensive, long-standing experience in the conception, management, and reporting of numerous EU and other projects. It has a broad network within the education sector and business community.

On a regional and national level, the bfi has been responsible for numerous related past and ongoing projects in areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), women in technology, competence orientation, and particularly in projects and year-round courses for youth career orientation.

Qualification and placement projects have been implemented in collaboration with the Burgenland Chamber of Labor, including the development of digitalization initiatives, training programs, and talent promotion for specialists.

In projects with the Public Employment Service (AMS), the state of Burgenland, and the Leader Region Südburgenland, career orientation programs for young people were developed to explore their interests and career aspirations and to create career plans. Initiatives like the "Tech Girls Weeks" were organized to inspire young females in technology and craftsmanship. The "techNIKI" career orientation measure was created for elementary school classes, aiming to spark an early interest in craftsmanship through a station-based approach.

Furthermore, the bfi cooperates with and receives support from the Burgenland Directorate of Education, the Chamber of Labor (AK), the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB), the Economic Chamber (WK), various funding programs, the Psychological Test Center IRC (Investigation, Research & Consulting Center), the University College of Teacher Education Burgenland, the AMS, among oth
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