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Grecu Liliana
INCSMPS is a research self-financed Romanian institution, participating to the competitions by submitting the project proposals on the National and International research programmes. It has as object of activity: research and development in the field of social and humanist sciences, which fall into: CAEN code 7320, UNESCO code 5802.01. The institute’s main object of activity is to „carry out studies and research with theoretical-applicative character in fields of national interest regarding the human resources management, social development and social protection in Romania” The institute’s research activity is developed around 8 main thematic areas:

1. Family Policies, Social Assistance and Social Insurances,Labour Market and Employment Policies,
2. Human Capital Development, Training and Lifelong Learning,
3. Labour Market and Employment Policies,Labour Market’s Dynamics,
4. Labour Market’s Dynamics,
5. Equal Opportunities and Labour Market Vulnerabilities,
6. School-To-Work Transition and Mobility,
7. Social Inclusion, Poverty and Social Cohesion,
8. Wage Policies, Industrial Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Apart from the research activity in social and humanist sciences (NACE code 7220 - UNESCO code 5302.02), INCSMPS carries out other related activities, such as training or specialized consultancy. Based on a supple organizational structure, appropriate for "management by objectives" and "project management" approaches, the research activity is carried out in interdisciplinary teams (including researchers with different backgrounds and expertise: psychology, economy, sociology, pedagogy, etc).
As National Research Institute, INCSMPS is an organization in coordination of Romanian Ministry of Labour and Social Justice, which means that is is closely involved in the providing scientific arguments, information and data, to the decisions makers, for developing and implement the strategies and programmes.
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