Empowering Lifelong Learning: MICRO QUEST Project Promotes Micro-Credentials in European VET

Empowering Lifelong Learning:
MICRO QUEST Project Promotes Micro-Credentials in European VET

In today's fast-paced world, where technological advancements and economic shifts constantly reshape industries, the need for lifelong learning has become more crucial than ever before. As the half-life of knowledge shortens and digitalisation continues to transform the labor market, individuals must adapt by acquiring new skills and competencies throughout their careers. In response to these evolving demands, the European Commission has launched a new initiative to promote micro-credentials.


Recognizing the potential of micro-credentials to meet the demands of the modern workforce, the EU-funded MICRO QUEST project has been initiated in collaboration with seven partner organizations from six countries across Europe.


The aim of the project is to promote quality assurance and the recognition of micro-credentials at an international level. To support the broad adoption of micro-credentials across Europe, the MICRO QUEST project aims at providing an Innovative Quality Evaluation Strategy for Micro-credentials in non-formal VET in Europe by producing four main project results:


Investigation Research: Through thorough research, MICRO QUEST aims to gain insights into the needs, demands, and quality assurance requirements related to micro-credentials in the VET sector. This research will serve as a foundational understanding to guide the project's further activities.

Guideline for VET Providers: MICRO QUEST will develop a practical guideline to assist VET providers in introducing micro-credentials into their programs. This guideline will offer valuable insights into the design, implementation, and assessment of micro-credentials, ensuring their quality and relevance.

Training Workshop for VET Providers: A specialized training workshop will be designed to equip VET professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to develop and evaluate micro-credentials effectively. This workshop will focus on defining, deducing, and ensuring the quality assurance of micro-credentials within the VET context.

MICRO QUEST Network: An online network will be established to facilitate communication and collaboration among VET providers interested in offering quality micro-credentials. This network will serve as a platform for sharing best practices, resources, and experiences, fostering continuous improvement and innovation in micro-credential development and delivery.


To learn more about the MICRO QUEST project and its initiatives, including detailed insights into the implementation of micro-credentials in European VET, we invite you to watch our video. Discover how MICRO QUEST is empowering lifelong learning and driving positive change in the VET sector.

Stay tuned for updates and exciting developments from the MICRO QUEST project as we work together to shape the future of vocational education and training in Europe.


Embrace the journey of lifelong learning with MICRO QUEST and become a micro-credential pioneer and join the network…