Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal

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Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal
CTCP is a private, non-profit research institute and VET provider, founded in 1986, with more than 500 private companies as members, employs 65 engineers, senior specialists, technicians and trainers and works with approximately 30 external consultants/trainers in a regular basis. CTCP has premises in S. João da Madeira (near Porto) and Felgueiras, the North of Portugal, the two largest industrial area of Footwear in Portugal. CTCP aims at supporting all companies of the Footwear and Fashion cluster which is represented by 1900 SMEs.

The most relevant CTCP’s activities are: Quality Control Laboratory, Consultancy, Training, Marketing and Promotion, Research and Development, Health & Safety, Environment, Business Intelligence, Studies and comparative Research, Design and Prototyping, Gab Lab, Digital manufactuing and i4.0. In the field of training/employment CTCP is certified for providing Training by the Portuguese Government and offers more than 5.000 training hours per year of vocational and non-vocational training through classical training, work-based learning, training-action, e-learning, among other models and services, to more than 1500 people from low skilled to specialists in a regular basis.

CTCP has a wide experience in promoting, coordinating and collaborating with innovative projects, at national and international level in the field of R&D and Training/Employment, piloting innovative and green and digital solutions.
Our Micro-Credential offer:
Not yet. CTCP is involved with several project where the curicula/contents will be provided according to a microcredential plan, but at the moment all the work is in progress and there's no concrete and availale offer to publish.

One of the project CTCP and the partners are developing microcredencials is the MetaSkills4TCLF https://metaskills4tclf.eu/