Olaf Kleinschmidt

“We are who we are because of what we learn and what we remember.”
Eric Kandel
The question
The learning process follows the following principle when using the “Toolbox”:
Topic-specific information is collected on the basis of a question or task. This information is first organised and an overview of the various aspects of the topic is created.
First theses
Initial theses and assumptions about connections can then be created by differentiating and structuring the learning material relevant to the task with the help of the tools in the toolbox.
Deeper understanding
Fundamental patterns of thought and explanation can be represented in this way, acquired knowledge can be made connectable and cognitive learning can be activated. By establishing knowledge links between the individual learning contents, a deeper understanding is created and the acquired knowledge remains available in the long term.


MAXX2IT paints a clear picture of the future
The Magdeburg-based company MAXX2IT is a partner of the Initiative for
Modern Learning Environments and supports school authorities and schools with its extensive experience in digitalisation.
As part of the initiative, school authorities and schools are met exactly where they are.
Together, a clear picture of the future is developed and support is provided in developing a concrete roadmap with tangible added value and without additional financial burden.

Stefan Wende

Didactic concepts for computer-aided learning
Needs analysis with Campusware
With our customised solutions, we support educational institutions in
optimising their infrastructure and improving the learning experience.

Zentrum für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung

Wir, das Zentrum für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (ZWW) der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, Lernen, Wissens- und Kompetenzerwerb neben dem Beruf zu ermöglichen.

Die Leistungen des Zentrums für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (ZWW) richten sich an:

Berufstätige und Einzelpersonen, die sich wissenschaftlich weiterbilden möchten,
Unternehmen und Einrichtungen, die eine passende Weiterbildung für ihr Personal suchen und
Hochschullehrende der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg (OVGU), die bei der Entwicklung und Durchführung weiterbildender Studiengänge und -programme Unterstützung benötigen.
Darüber hinaus steht das Zentrum den verschiedenen Weiterbildungsakteuren innerhalb der Universität als zentrale Anlaufstelle u.a. für konzeptionelle, kalkulatorische oder organisatorische Fragen zur Verfügung.

Wir wünschen uns einen Ort, der zum Lernen und Arbeiten neben dem Beruf einlädt und an dem Sie sich wohlfühlen und kreativ entfalten können! In diesem Sinne freuen wir uns auf Sie und laden ein, Ihre Weiterbildung bei uns zu gestalten und zu erleben!

WIFI Steiermark

The Institute for Vocational Training of the Styria Economic Chamber (WIFI Steiermark) is one out of 9 regional WIFI institutes with 15 branches in the province of Styria. The WIFI Steiermark is the market leader for vocational training at various levels and supports learners in promoting and advancing their careers. Every year, more than 40.000 customers come to the WIFI Styria and attend more than 3.000 courses, seminars and training programs. In total more than 800 trainers teach at 15 training facilities, the main site being located in Graz. The courses take place at various levels, starting with preparation courses for final apprenticeship examinations right up to Master of Science courses. Courses across various disciplines are intricately designed to enable the participants to remain competitive in a dynamic market environment or push their entrepreneurial spirit.
The WIFI Steiermark vocational education and training institute delivers courses for a broad spectrum of business fields such as Technology, IT, Languages and Business Management. The WIFI Steiermark with its recently launched Center of Excellence operates state-of-the art studios for various disciplines, but particularly for technical training, such as renewable energy technologies, welding or mechanics and car mechanics or also in the field of gastronomy and hospitaltiy. As market leader in Styria the WIFI Steiermark prides itself on keeping a finger on the pulse of industry innovations and transformations and offers unique courses in automation, programming, electrical engineering and digital transformation.

Jonas Meyer

bit schulungscenter is one of Austria’s leading adult education providers with around 250 employees. With the federal labor market service as the biggest client, the company is involved intensively in European projects as well to explore and incorporate innovation in education and learning.

Zavod Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje, Public Employment Service of Slovenia

Employment Service of Slovenia is one of the key Slovenian labour market institutions. Our services are intended for: unemployed persons and jobseekers, pupils and students who need professional help in the fields of employment and career guidance, employers, providers of active employment policy programmes and social partners, professional institutions and general public. ESS is an independent legal entity with public institute status operating uniformly across the entire country. The ESS tasks and authorisations is to perform activities in the areas of employment, active employment policy programmes, career guidance, unemployment insurance, and the employment and work of foreign workers. The ESS activities are set out in the Labour Market Regulation Act, as well as in other laws and regulations from related fields of activity. In addition to laws and regulations directly governing employment, the ESS also performs its duties on the basis of laws and regulations from related fields of social activity. The ESS tasks are laid down in the Business Plan, which is adopted by the Administrative Board. The ESS basic document is the Statute. The ESS was established pursuant to Article 61 of the Employment and Insurance against Unemployment Act. The organizational and functional aspects of ESS operations take place on three levels: at the ESS head office, where the management and the Central office are located, in regional offices and in local offices across the whole country. Our main activities are: employment advice and jobbroking, life-long career guidance, unemployment benefit and unemployment insurance, implementation of active employment policy (AEP) measures and programmes, issuing of work and employment permits for foreign workers, preparation of analytical, development and other professional materials related to our activities, labour market (LM) and ESS information of a public nature.

Wilfried Frei

CONEDU, Association for Research and Media in Education and Training, is a registered Austrian NGO/NPO (AT) that serves as a central hub for professionalisation by providing information and knowledge about adult education (AE) and facilitating digital professional development for adult educators. It acts as the editorial office for the AE portal https://erwachsenenbildung.at and runs large scale training programmes such as https://ebmooc.at. The internet portal https://erwachsenenbildung.at as a key structure for those services is aimed at AE professionals and individuals interested in education which is well established as a prominent resource within the Austrian AE sector beginning from 2005.
CONEDUs reputation extends internationally, with contributions to networks and media such as EPALE and contributions to European cooperation as coordinator and partner. Beyond that we deliver research based consultancy to AE providers in areas like innovation, curriculum development, quality development and training of trainers. Through these efforts, CONEDU actively supports the professionalisation of adult education by providing learning opportunities and services tailored to the specific needs of adult educators. Our stakeholders, customes and partners are public authorities like ministries, associations for AE, providers of AE and organisations in the wider area of lifelong learning.
In 2020 CONEDU was awarded the prestigious Prize for innovation in adult education by the German institute for adult education (DIE) for the EBmooc massive-open-online-course as a learning and education programmes that helps trainers in adult and continuing education to become digitally fit. CONEDU has 13 professionals employed, all of them with a university degree (Adult Education, Psychology, Political Philosophy, German Literature, Project and Process Management, Media Technics and Human Geography).

Philipp Schüßler

As the central institution of Stiftung Ev. Jugendhilfe for internal training and further education, we offer a wide range of high-quality training courses.
We offer courses and introductory events for new employees as well as customized and needs-based training.

Cathy Hamill

Provider of non-formal training and workshops for the charity and not-for-profit sector.
Primary areas in charity governance; compliance with Charity Regulatory Authority; sector codes of practice, network memberships
Mental health and wellbeing workshops for workers and volunteers